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About MySankalp DreamNest

MySankalp DreamNest is a leading provider of smart construction services that focus on streamlining and optimizing construction processes, resulting in faster project delivery and improved quality. We use cutting-edge technology to facilitate collaboration and communication between different stakeholders and design buildings and infrastructure with long-term sustainability in mind.

MySankalp DreamNest  Smart Automation Services automate processes involved in construction, resulting in faster project completion times, reduced costs, and improved safety. Smart amenities focus on providing state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that meet the needs of modern-day consumers and promote a healthier environment. 

Smart interiors create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. MySankalp’s smart support services ensure that buildings and infrastructure remain in top condition for years to come, contributing to the longevity and sustainability of the built environment. 

Luxury Homes

Get Luxury home designed and built by our experienced engineers and architects.

Smart Homes

We make a home smart home by implementing all the advanced technologies available in International Markets.

Our Portfolio

From constructing smart villas to constructing apartments we have come a long way. 


For New Home Buyers

We assist and help our clients in searching the property and inspecting the credibility of the builder, quality of material used, Legal due Diligence of the property and along with this we help clients with queries relating to Loan eligibility, Neighbours, Hospitals, Schools, markets and all other amenities available in the locality and the property.

For Existing Homeowners

For Existing homeowners MSDN provides service of renovating your home with world class luxuries, customised interior designing, home automation, appliances, complete maintenance and an unpredictable home support service with an aim of fulfilling each and every requirement of your home including electrician, plumber and many more services at a budgeted cost.

Our Core Team




Harmeet Kaur (Principal)

Ayesha Mubarak (Senior Architect)

Nitin R (Senior Sales Manager)

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